We set out to find the perfect leather product

We spent years in pursuit of a well-designed, high-quality leather products that could transition seamlessly from situation to situation. The longer we searched, the more surprised we were to find that something so simple, so essential did not exist. So, after much careful deliberation, we decided to embark on a journey to create our ideal range of quality products.

The goal was to produce a classic, durable leather products that married function and style – one you’d happily carry with you for years and years, one that would age beautifully and hold within it the many stories of your life adventures. It was from this idea, along with the many talented artisans whose handiwork is responsible for these products, that Chamdewallah was born.

We found amazing people

When we set out to learn about the high-end leather goods industry, it was important for us to seek out and identify individuals who shared our dedication to quality and obsession for details. We soon realized that the adventure of creating leather products was, first and foremost, a search for fantastic people.

From a tanner whose processes go back multiple generations to a zip manufacturer solely responsible for every aspect of its line, the commitment to craft is unmatched. Here are truly inspiring craftspeople with a life-long love of their art, family-businesses continually striving to better their already wonderful products, individuals who live and breathe their offerings

Chamdewallah pays homage to the stories surrounding these artisans, as well as the stories we hope our accessories will witness in your life travels. It takes its roots from the travelling minstrels – storytellers – of days gone by.

We hope you enjoy our products and the stories behind them as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

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